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Prebooking at the PowerCamp Hovby situated very close to the 2020 Big Meet Showarea is now open! This is the same site as has been used since 2016.

POWER CAMP opens the day before the show July 1 and is open till Sunday July 5.

Book your campsite at POWERCAMPHOVBY@GMAIL.COM

Contact the site to get priceinformation and other info. You can book a space with eletrical power hook up at extra charge.
You also have the option to book per night OR for the full duration of the show!



Hipoint of the 2019 Power Big Meet in Lidköping Sweden was the gathering of 13 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz convertibles from 1959. Has never happened since the factory production in Detroit in 1958-1959!
7200 cars on Friday July 5 and 7400 cars on Saturday July 6 made the show an incredible experiance! We had visitors from every country in Europe plus many American enthusiasts stunned by the quality and number of US classis. Several big time high rolleer collectors from the US could not believe the reality of Power Big Meet.
Watch the youtube video from the Biarritz Reunion and the 200 car “Fine Car Cruise” Friday night. Swedish commentary but look at the cars!!!!
Welcome back 2020!!!

OVER 200 Mustangs at Big Meet 2018


The Classic Mustang Club of Sweden joined The Cadillac Club, The MoPar Club, the Corvette Club, the Camaro Club, The Swedish Hot Rod Association and many more made a great showing at the 2018 Power Big Meet! Over 200 Ford Mustangs came to the showground. Winner of the 1963-74 class was Tord Person and his incredibly restored 1970 Mustang Boss 302. Picture shows Tord and Miss Power Big Meet 2018. We are expecting even more CLUB CARS in 2019. Please note: due to the size of the show we have no directions inside the show area. Club parking is located on the far side of the shiw area.





Power Big Meet number 41 July 5-7 2018 in Lidköping was a hugh sucess!

Some 22.000 cars entered the the showgrounds over 3 days! Incredible! Enthusiast came from all over the world including Chile, Mexico, Canada, USA, Singapore, Australia, Turkey and Russia. Most prominent at the show were cars from Holland: at least 200 dutch cars made it to Lidköping. Probably at least as many from Germany. A shorter drive from continental Europe made a big difference! Weather was way better than the forecast so were sure that a lot of great pictures and memories were brought back from Power Big meet 2018!
WE DO have a long distance award 2019 ! Please come to the show judging area on Saturday July 6 and tell us about your trip to Power Big Meet 2019!!

POWER BIG MEET #43 JULY 2-4 2020

lid 17-2

Schedule for Power Big Meet 2020

Gates open at 11 am Thursday July 2. Swap Meet and car Show is open til 18.
Friday July 3 open 8-18. 3000 official Power Big Meet Souvernir license plate given out at the entrance!
Pro Judges judge cars in 11 classes from 12-14. Just line up for judging!
Win a trip the the USA! Enter with your admission ticket. Drawing at 14.30
Pin up Competition – spectators help us find Miss Power Big Meet 2020! At 14.30.
Official FINE CAR CRUISE – 200 cars – leaves for the city of Lidköping Cruise at 16.45.
CRUISING LIDKÖPING at night Thursday, Friday and Saturday night! INCREDIBLE TWO WAY CRUISING!
Saturday July 4 open 8-18. 3000 official Power Big Meet Souvernir license plate given out at the entrance!
Pro Judges judge cars in 11 classes from 12-14. Just line up for judging!
Win a trip the the USA! Enter with your admission ticket. Drawing at 14.30
Official awards: We present the WINNERS! at 14.30.
Welcome to the greatest show on earth!

The campingsite inside the Hovby Airfield/showarea July 1-5 is now open for prebooking!
Power Big Meet 2018

Please click on “youtube” in the right hand corner for a bigger picture! Enjoy – worth watching!


7 biarritz

Our second year at the Hovby Airport near Lidköping/Sweden proved very succesful. US Car enthusiasts from all over the world attended the show. Saturday alone over 9.000 cars came to the showground. Swap Meet vendors reported brisk sales – especially on the last day of the show as cooler weather gave relief from the extreme heat wave that has hit the Scandinavian countries this summer. Crusing in Lidköping at night was incredible to put it mildly. Thousands of high quality cars lined the streets for 10 kilometers!

One of many “HIGHS” of the show was when seven 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz convertibles parked side by side in front of an impressed crowd. A VERY unusual event! Power Big Meet 2018 saw an incredible number of unusual high quality american 50:s and 60:s convertibles at the show. Best in show award went to Stefan Wernestrands fantastic 1960 Chrysler 300 F convertible.


18 big met

One of the major attractions that makes Power Big Meet so special is the swap meet. If you are looking for hard to find parts this is the place! No other swap meet in the world can compete when it comes to parts for 1950:s American Car Parts. Reason being that Swedes bought 100:s of containers full of good parts in the US when they were almost free of charge in the 1970:s and 80:s. One of our 300 vendors sold 20.000 Euros worth of Cadillac parts! Already looking forward to the next Power Big Meet July 4-6 2019! Mark the date in your calender. And book your hotell rooms early on, or the sight of your choice!


The Biggest American show comes back to Lidköping, Sweden July 2-4 2020. More cars, more people, more swap meet vendors than you can believe.  We had a great show at the Lidköping Airport this past July. Yes its official! Power Big Meet 2020 – July 2-4 – returns to the city of Lidköping located 100 km northeast of Swedens second biggest city Gothenburg. This is a major anouncement – so please spread the word!!!!!!!!!!!!


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lid 17-2

1,5 kilometers of swap meet at Power Big Meet 2017 was very impressive!  You hade to be in Lidköping in person and walk the walk to take in HOW BIG IT WAS! Vendors report brisk sales and the number of old car parts vendors astonished many new visitors. Much better than swap meets in the USA was a common comment! Reason for this that so many old car parts were bought in the US by Swedes 20-40 years ago when the parts had almost no value!


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Power Big Meet 2017 was a hugh car show. 3 days and about 22.000 cars may have been less than last years figure of 25.000 cars but there was a car show at our old venue in Västerås – so figure the math! We are very pleased with the car count and the fact that so many enthusiast from Holland and Germany made the trip north. Probably 4-500 cars from these two countries! We had many visitors from Austria and Switzerland too. A contingent of cars from Moscow, Russia took us by surprise! We hope all of you had a great visit to the great north. Welcome back next year!