Visitors info 2023


It is well-known that Power Big Meet is the largest outdoors car show in the world. With about 20,000 visiting vehicles the meet is an outstanding experience. If you have been to Power Big Meet previously you know what we are talking about. If you’ve never taken the chance you do not know what you have been missing! INCREDIBLE!! Here is some good-to-know information about Power Big Meet.

 Power Big Meet#44 will be held at the Hovby Airfield 2 km east of Lidköping in Sweden. Same location as in 2019! This is a hugh field with plenty of space for the swap-meet and over 10.000 cars per day. Please use Google maps for further location info.

Hours: Thursday July 6: 11-18 Friday July 8: 8-18 Saturday July 9: 8-18

Admission: Thursday July 7: 150 Friday July 8: 200 Saturday July 9: 200 sw. cr. Weekend: 400

Please note that due to unreliable mobil phone service with a hugh amount of visitors in the area we can not accept credit cards at the entrance gates!

We will judge cars 12.oo-14.00 on Friday AND Saturday. Awards will be given out at 14.30 Saturday July 9. You enter at the judging area. No preentry necessary! Many of the finest American cars in the world take part in this event. Judged classes – a total of 11 classes: Pre 1955, 1955-1963 convertible, 1955-1963 hard top, 1964-1973 convertible, 1964-1973 hard top, 1974 up, Hot Rod, Street Machine,, Jeep&Pick up, Custom and European made,

6000 Power Big Meet 2023 Vanity license plates will be given out to cars entering the show: 3000 on Friday and 3000 on Saturday. First come first served! The Fine Car Cruise will leave Hovby/Big Meet and cruise in Lidköping at 17.00 Friday July 8. MAX 200 cars. To participate in the cruise you have to submit your car for inspection starting at 10 am on Friday inside the showground. Location will be given over the PA-system.

Public parking is available very close to the showarea. Parking is 40 sw cr. per day. This part of Sweden is a hugh tourist area with many hotells, camp grounds and B&B:s within 60 minute travel time of Power Big Meet. Please book you stay early. If you have any questions call the Lidköping Tourist info.

Contact Information

Phone: +46 40 472939 Email: info[at]