CAMPING AT BIG MEET #40 in Lidköping July 6-8

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POWER BIG MEET NUMBER 40 means BIG CHANGE for the biggest car show in the world! 25.000 cars expected!


Yes its official! Power Big Meet 2017 – July 6-8 – moves from Västerås to a new location: city of Lidköping located about 200 km southwest of Västerås. And 100 km northeast of Swedens second biggest city Gothenburg. This is a major anouncement – so please spread the word!!!!!!!!!!!!

The move is due to the fact that the airfield thats been home to Power Big Meet for 32 years is plain and simple too small for the 40th jubilee. We expect 20-30 percent more cars than on a “normal” Power Big Meet year. We have to accept this and decided to move to the hugh (2-3 times the size of the event location in Västerås) Lidköping/Hovby Airfield. Lidköping is much smaller than Västerås but within a 30 minute drive theres 5 more cities: Skara, Vänersborg, Mariestad, Falköping and Skövde.

Please look up the Lidköping area on google maps!  This region is a major tourist area with many hotells/B&B:s/campgrounds etc. We will update with a complete list in the very near future! The Lidköping area holds the most classic american cars in the world per square km! Even a local swap meet can draw over 1000 cars! We sure hope you will join us in the 2017 celebrations July 6-8!!!

Most hotells and B&B:s within 50 km of Lidköping are fully booked.

There will be a campground very close to the Big Meet showgrounds – in fact “next door”!

Call 0046-721-90 16 79 to book your camping sight as soon as possible . Or send a mail to…
Mail : camping@sockerfabriken.se

Camping at Skara Sommarland –  25 minutes from Big Meet:

Skara Sommarland is a hugh waterpark and vacation area! If you bring familly and kids to Sweden this is THE PLACE to stay!
500 available campingspots 300 cabins in different sizes available.
Prices from €100 per night in cabins with room for 4 people.
Campingspots with electric hook up is €40 per night. Great deal!
You have to call and book camping and cabins. Mention ”POWER” to get these great rates! Call 0046-10-7087000

Big value in Power Big Meet plates! NEW record €2000!


Come and get one of the 6.000 Power Big Meet Vanity license plates given out FREE at the entrance to Power Big Meet 2017 in Lidköping! They sell for appx €50 and up on the open market!

If you have visited Power Big Meet in an american car you have probably been given a Big Meet license plate entering the gates in your American made car. They were first given out in 1987  (87-89 made of cardboard – since 1990 made of aluminum) and they have become quite a collectors item. The new ones sell of around €50 after the show. A whole complete collection has sold for €2000 (as of May 27 2017) on the Swedish webauction sight Tradera. The record for one plate is €380! The amount was paid for a 1987 cardboard plate in perfect condition. Remember these vanity plates have been given away free by the Power Big Meet event organizers! First come – first served!






The 39th annual Power Big Meet in Västerås Sweden will be remembered as the greatest show ever in the best weather ever!

Counting the cars that went on to the airfield/showgrounds over 3 days we are talking in excess of 24.000 cars! Must bee seen to be believed! The vendor area was jam packed with some 800 sales stands. We had visitors from around the globe in large numbers! This show has the biggest influx of international visitors in the world! Talking cars: The Mustang Car Corrall alone had 224 Mustangs in one area. Probably 100 more Mustangs never found their way to the Club area!

Plans are set for a 40:th annual Power Big Meet July 6-8 2017. As the show already is on the ragged edge as far as people and cars goes in one town some changes might have to be made for 2017. Look for an update in the fall!


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CAMPING AT BIG MEET #40 in Lidköping July 6-8

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POWER BIG MEET NUMBER 40 means BIG CHANGE for the biggest car show in the world! 25.000 cars expected! WE ARE MOVING TO LIDKOPING! Yes its official! Power…

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