Big value in Power Big Meet plates! NEW record €2000!

Come and get one of the 6.000 Power Big Meet Vanity license plates given out FREE at the entrance to Power Big Meet 2017 in Lidköping! They sell for appx €50 and up on the open market!

If you have visited Power Big Meet in an american car you have probably been given a Big Meet license plate entering the gates in your American made car. They were first given out in 1987  (87-89 made of cardboard – since 1990 made of aluminum) and they have become quite a collectors item. The new ones sell of around €50 after the show. A whole complete collection has sold for €2000 (as of May 27 2017) on the Swedish webauction sight Tradera. The record for one plate is €380! The amount was paid for a 1987 cardboard plate in perfect condition. Remember these vanity plates have been given away free by the Power Big Meet event organizers! First come – first served!


The 39th annual Power Big Meet in Västerås Sweden will be remembered as the greatest show ever in the best weather ever!

Counting the cars that went on to the airfield/showgrounds over 3 days we are talking in excess of 24.000 cars! Must bee seen to be believed! The vendor area was jam packed with some 800 sales stands. We had visitors from around the globe in large numbers! This show has the biggest influx of international visitors in the world! Talking cars: The Mustang Car Corrall alone had 224 Mustangs in one area. Probably 100 more Mustangs never found their way to the Club area!

Plans are set for a 40:th annual Power Big Meet July 6-8 2017. As the show already is on the ragged edge as far as people and cars goes in one town some changes might have to be made for 2017. Look for an update in the fall!

Pictures from 2015 Power Big Meet

The 2015 Power Big Meet was an incredible event! The weather was very hot and sunny and with over 20.000 cars and visitors from all over the world the 38th annual Big Meet made the record books! Download the PDF and enjoy! The article is from the American Car Club Sweden club Magazine Americar so ofcourse all text is written in the swedish language. But its mainly pictures on these 30 pages.

Click and enjoy!



The 2015 Power Big Meet – the 37th annual – will take place in Västerås July 2-3-4. Thursday til Saturday!

Power Big Meet is known all over the world and is one of the – if not THE – biggest car show on the globe! Hope to see you in Västerås/Sweden the first week of July! We will update with more info as we get closer to THE BIG ONE!


You have to vistit Power Big Meet in person to understand the size of the show. Words can not describe the event. The biggest draw is the 5 km long swap meet with over 600 vendors. In american terms you have to walk over 6 miles to see both sides of the swap meet. We have over 1000 applications for swap meet spots but try to pick out the best to get a great variety of vendors with the best parts. We also grade the individual swap meet sellers and if the merchandise is not up to our standards they will not get an invitation next year. Power Big Meet is like a hugh shopping mall and you have to have “great stores” in the mall – otherwise customers will go somewhere else!

Download BIG MEET INFO PDF in English! Print out!

Use the link above to download infopages on the 2014 Power Big Meet! Print the pages before you head to Västerås – usefull info!

Please note that the gates and parking areas to Power Big Meet at the Johannisberg Airfield close at 15.00 Friday July 4 and 14.00 Saturday July 5. Roadways are narrow and we need to let 1000:s of cars leave the show in an orderly manor. Also its smart to come to the Big Meet gates before 10 am July 5 as lines usually get longer at that time! If you are on the showgrounds – we are open til 18.00 Friday and Saturday! Its usually smart to stay til closing time to avoid outgoing traffic!

Vanity Plate info

6000 Power Big Meet “vanity” license plates will be given out “for free” Friday July 4 and Saturday July 5. Fist come first served! 1 per car coming in through the gates. The plates are mega value according to the collector market. The 2014 “theme” is Las Vegas. Beware of the fact that attempts to beat the “1 plate per car rule” may result in exclusion from the show.  We give away these plates as a nice souvenir from Power Big Meet. Also read the info on the license plates in the menu.

From Seattle to Västerås

Al Young shipped his 1973 Plymouth Road Runner from Seattle in Washington State in May. The car was shipped in a container from Seattle via the Panama Canal to Bremerhafen i Germany where Al took delivery June 19. The long trip to Sweden will be a European Tour via France, Spain, Italy before heading north in late June. Al will be at Power Big Meet July 3-5 – in the Bardahl both at the swap meet. Bardahl is his long time sponsor from the old days when Al dragraced a 1971 Hemi Cuda. Go talk to Al at the show. Guess whos is going to get the “Long Distance Award” at the 37th annual Power Big Meet?


Cars are judged in 11 separate categories at Power Big Meet.

Hot Rod, Street Machine, Custom, Pick up&Jeep, 1954 and older, 1955-63 Hard Top, 1955-63 Convertible, 1964-73 Hard Top, 1964-73 Convertible, European cars, 1974 and newer /named New Classic). 5 professional judges view the cars top to bottom. Points are given on a scale from 1-10 in 5 categories: Paint&Chrome, Interior, Engine compartment, undercarriage and Overall Look. 50 points is max and this score has been awarded 4 times in 37 years. Over 6.000 cars have been judged. Average score is 30-35 points. And remember 90% of the cars judges are in very good condition! Cars are judged Friday July 4 Noon to 2 PM and Saturday July 5 Noon to 2 PM. Awards are given out at 3 PM Saturday July 5. Prices and awards total well over $10.000. If you have an outstanding wehicle – bring it to Power Big Meet 2014. Its the ultimate test!

The 2013 Power Big Meet Best In Show was a 1958 DeSoto convertible restored by Arne Nilsson of Sweden.


The Mustang Club, The Corvette Club and scores of other car clubs have a designated area at Power Big Meet. This area is located west of the swap meet street and in order to reach it its recommended that you follow signs for general visitor parking. This entrance also works for the club parking.

If you enter the Show Area through the main gate you will have a tough time getting to the Club parking. There are throughways over the swap meet but once the field fills with cars these are hard to find!

Contact Information

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