With almost 13.000 cars entering the Power Big Meet showground in Lidköping over 3 days July 6-8  over 1.000 came from other countries than Sweden. Thats an incredible number of visitors travelling  from almost all European nations! Germany, Holland, Austria and Switzerland follow nearby Norway, Finland and Denmark in the car count. People travelling by air or regular passenger car came from virtually all corners if the world.

On Saturday July 8 the 4-line entrance to Big Meet never stopped flowing cars for almost 7 hours!

Power Big Meet 2023 was an incredible success.. Very hard to describe the amount of cars, the swap meet and the nightly cruise if you did not enjoy the show LIVE!

Hotells, campgrounds etc were fully booked in the region making Power Big Meet the biggest tourist draw in the host city area!

We will publish a full story of Big Meet -23 in the near future!

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