NO POWER BIG MEET IN 2021. When will this end??

As almost every event in 2021 is cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemi the same decision has been made for the 2021 43d annual Power Big Meet.
This hugh event had – yet again – almost every camping site and hotel room within 30 km of Lidköping fully booked!

2021 will be a another very different season for us car enthusiasts – to say the least! We had high hopes in early 2021 but Europe has had a very rough year – to say the least. Sweden will open up slowly – car shows seems to be last on the list!

The 2022 Power Big Meet is planned for July 7-9. Check back for further news! We frantically want to meet friends and enthusiasts from all over the world AGAIN!
Take care and be safe/Kjelle Power and crew!

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