Helo from Switzerland

Hey, we are THE-ELKS. We are visiting the POWER BIG MEET since 2007, some of us has been visiting the great BIG MEET since 1995!

We are a Vintag Car Club from Switzerland an wanted to thank you for all your efforts you put in this MEET!!! Some of us have now Family and Children and still want to visit the fabulous POWER BIG MEET! For that we want to share our Memories with you and hope your are doing this great job for many, many years more!

We also created a Song in which we sing about the POWER BIG MEET. There is a strophe after 47 Seconds singing: Mit em richtige Sound und em coole Beat, bis uf Schwede as Power Big Meet. This is in SWISS-GERMAN and means: With the right sound and the cool beat, we are driving up to Sweden at the Power Big Meet! We’ll see you on the Big Meet this year!!!!


// Many thanks, ELK-Bernie.

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